Founded in 1986 by John K. Castle, Branford Castle, Inc. makes long-term investments in SMEs. As an investment company, it is somewhat unique in its long-term application. This brings the firm an added element of credibility. The company employs a “hands-off” approach to its everyday business running, making space for management to guide the companies.

Throughout its three-and-a-half decade long history, Branford Castle has worked with a whole array of different companies. Included in this list is: a leading chain of company owned deli restaurants in Florida, Canada Metal Pacific Ltd., Washington Chain & Supply Inc., Lister Chain & Forge, American Condenser & American Coil, E-Mon, Jered Industries and the Taxi/Car Service Dispatch Industry.

The firm does not specialize in any one particular industry but in general, does not invest in the field of real estate. Other areas covered include: commercial distribution, business services, consumer products and services, medical devices, materials, aerospace, defense, etc. In general, the companies that make up the firm’s profile are mature, rather than venture.

Branford Castle specializes in leveraged buy-outs and private equity, with a goal of helping its companies expand. Primarily, the firm reviews opportunities under $75 million in total enterprise value. The firm is headquartered in New York.