John Castle has participated in numerous expeditions and adventures including sailing around the world.


John K Castle at South Pole with flag John K Castle at South Pole with plane
  • 1993: Landed in a small plane on the North Pole
  • 2003: Landed in a small plane on the South Pole
  • 1993: Trekked to the base of Mount Everest in Nepal
  • 1993-1995: Steered his Hinckley sailboat on a circumnavigation of the earth.

2006-7: Recreated the entire Lewis and Clark water expedition from St. Louis, MO to the Pacific Ocean, a total of 3,100 miles in a 15-foot dinghy.

2007-8: Completed the river trip across the United States in his small inflatable boat, traveling from New York Harbor to St. Louis via the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Allegheny, Ohio and Mississippi rivers (a total of 5,000 miles).

I went from New York Harbor to the Pacific Ocean by starting out repeating what Lewis and Clark did – coming down the Missouri River to St. Louis and then I did the Columbia part of it, going through Washington and Oregon. And then having done that, I said, ‘I might as well do the rest of the United States,’ so I left the New York Harbor, went up the Hudson River, across the Erie Canal, across the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, and up the Mississippi, completing the trip across the United States.