John Castle’s seasonal residence is in Palm Beach, Florida where in 1995 he acquired and refurbished an oceanfront estate that was owned for 62 years by the Kennedy family and was variously known as the Kennedy Compound and JFK’s Winter White House.

Restoration of JFK's Winter White House

Restoration of JFK’s Winter White House

“Basically, what I saw was a house that needed a huge amount of work, but it was on a fantastic piece of property with enormous history,” says Castle. “I think it’s a national sanctuary. I draw inspiration from the home and the history it evokes. I can imagine the president on the back patio, in a chair, listening to the waves lapping onto the beach. I can even imagine JFK thinking deeply about the country and the world. I think this house may have been very important to this president in coming up with the strategic direction of this nation. He had a notion for where the country should go and his vision was certainly more vivid than any president since him.”

After 20 years of ownership, John K. Castle sold the home on May 29, 2015 for $31.0 million to Jane Goldman of New York.